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Internet Addiction

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Almost everyone uses the Internet these days. It's a very useful invention. In fact, some people think the Internet is the most important invention ever.

People surf the Internet for information, movies, and music. They study and read books. They play games. They talk with friends on social media websites like Facebook or Twitter.

However, some people are addicted to the Internet. In other words, they use the Internet too much and cannot stop. For these people, they don't go outside, do chores, or meet with friends because the Internet is more exciting. They feel uncomfortable when they cannot surf the Internet or check email. In fact, about 6% of people are addicted, and it is a very serious problem.

Are you addicted to the Internet?

Preview the lesson material:

Warm Up: Discuss the question with your partner for five minutes.

  1. How often do you use the Internet?
  2. Why do you use the Internet? Please explain.

Comprehension Questions: Answer the questions before/after your read the article.

  1. What do some people think about the Internet?
  2. How do people use the Internet?
  3. For people who are addicted to the Internet, what problems do they have?

Discuss: Discuss these questions with a partner. Remember to support your answers.

  1. Did you like this article? Why/not?
  2. Are you addicted to the Internet? Why do/don't you think so?
  3. Is the Internet the most important invention ever? Please explain.

Download the lesson:



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