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Advanced Skill Builders: Listening

Each of the following topics contains an extended monologue of 400 - 500 words, with an accompanying audio of four to five minutes. Instructions, listening strategies, comprehension questions, and extension activities come with each pdf download. To preview the text and audio file, click on the links below.

You may also be interested in trying out a few suggested activities for any of the lesson plans at Skill Builders: Listening.

1: The teacher selects several words to teach as key vocabulary. Students write the words in their notebooks, then check the meaning of unknown words in their dictionaries. Students should try to solely use English-English dictionaries here. The teacher next plays the audio file, with students listening for the words in context. They take notes and compare information with a partner.

2: The teacher plays only the first sentence of the paragraph. Students attempt to predict what will be covered in the paragraph. Students next listen to the paragraph in its entirety to confirm and correct their predictions. Students discuss what was right, wrong, and why in pairs.

3: Students listen to the audio file and summarize the contents of the article. Students can work in pairs to summarize the whole monologue, or they can work in small groups of three or four. If the latter, then the teacher should assign one paragraph to each student. After students have listened once and discussed the information, the teacher plays the audio again for everyone to check their previous summaries.

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