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Slow Travel

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Many people travel to foreign countries for vacation. They spend two weeks in Italy, France, or another place. They see many museums, festivals, and important places. The vacation is interesting but very tiring. In fact, people need a vacation when they get home!

These days, more people try slow travel. "Slow travel" means people rent a house or apartment in one place for a long time, such as two weeks or one month. They go for walks nearby and meet locals. They visit the same cafes and restaurants every day. They go shopping for food and cook it at home too. In other words, slow travel means visitors live their lives in a home away from home.

More people prefer slow travel because it's relaxing but interesting. Every place has so much to discover!

Preview the lesson material:

Warm Up: Discuss the question with your partner for five minutes.

  1. Do you like to travel? Why?
  2. Where do you like to go for vacation?

Summarization: Summarize the article with a partner. Try to do so with only two or three sentences.

Discuss: Discuss these questions with a partner. Remember to support your answers.

  1. What do you think about slow travel?
  2. Do you want to try slow travel? Why / not?
  3. Where do you want to go for your next vacation? How long do you want to go there?

Download the lesson:

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