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Beginner Skill Builders: Grammar

Grammar may be taught explicitly or implicitly. In other words, teachers may explain specific grammar points in detail, then set up drill and practice activities. Or teachers may simply write a phrase or sentence on the board, explain its purpose (such as to talk about the future, to talk about wants), and then practice with little more explanation. Yet both options, as well as anywhere in between, must provide students with an understanding of the form and meaning of the target language.

Skill Builders: Grammar for beginners introduces basic, yet fundamental, grammar structures. The acquisition of these structures is essential for success further along in the student's studies. All the explanations are kept simple and level-relevant, so that the teacher doesn't need to explain every exception to the rule. The teacher may directly hand out the printable or use it as a reference when introducing the grammar point.

Additional activities to practice specific grammar points are included as well, generally providing a range of controlled to free activities. Flexibility is important, as one class may need additional work for fluency and accuracy, yet another class may need an activity that allows additional, previously studied material to be incorporated into conversations.

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