Students need time

Let's be honest, though: Not every class has enough time. A course or textbook might set an overly ambitious pace. A particular set of might students struggle with grammar. Or on some days, you just spend too much time on examples and drills, which means fewer opportunities for real, meaningful activities.

And yet, students need time to connect with any new grammar point. They need to personalize the information to their backgrounds and interests, reduce errors, get correction, and try again. They need to get comfortable with the language to speak quickly, smoothly, and without mistakes.

All of these steps take a lot of time, which not every class has. But it doesn't have to be this way.


I used the grammar worksheet on the present perfect in my business lesson today. The student was able to do the worksheet by himself before our lesson, so we could start using the target language right away. He still made some mistakes when we used the grammar point in conversation, but I could refer back to the homework as a reminder. We made more progress in the lesson, and the student understood the language better. 101 Pre-Lesson Grammar Worksheets definitely helped my student improve, and it complimented the lesson perfectly. This book will be a great asset to my lessons.

Jeff Pack

Students prepare before class to maximize the time in class

Getting students to use the right grammar can be one of the most rewarding aspects of a lesson. New knowledge gets incorporated into their existing knowledge. Using the right materials, developing ideal drills, deciding on examples or roleplays are all serious stuff, and it doesn't have to take a lot of time to move students towards the lesson objective.

With the right class materials, you can get students to use new grammar quickly and correctly. More efficient lessons lead to more opportunities for meaningful, productive practice. And that's the best way to run a lesson.

Unfortunately, even with the wealth of materials available in textbooks, websites, and elsewhere, classrooms all around the world have been neglected in this regard. There simply aren't any grammar resources specifically designed to prepare students before a lesson begins. The grammar resources that do exist serve as reference guides or homework after a lesson has finished.

That's why I created 101 Pre-Lesson Grammar Worksheets. I wanted to waste less time on explanations and drills, yet have the students leave the lesson with a strong grasp of the target language.


Using the pre-lesson grammar worksheets have not only improved my students understanding and usage of the grammar point, but they have created a much more confident and energetic class. This has allowed us to focus more on output in class at a more accurate production rate. This is the way to maximize the students talk time and understanding in class.

Teffrey Newsome
New Zealand


101 Pre-Lesson Grammar Worksheets are an impressive collection of grammar notes on points often confusing and difficult for students. It offers the right use as well as the misuse of grammar, which is an aspect very important to the student. Chris knows well the mistakes students make and the points that need simple and effective explanations. He recognises the importance of grammar for later fluency, and that students need time and patience to improve their skills. I have been teaching ESL/EAL for 15 years, and I welcome such a comprehensive and important grammar addition.

Kenn MacGregor


Introducing 101 Pre-Lesson Grammar Worksheets

101 Pre-Lesson Worksheets is a complete resource that will help any student and any class, from beginners without much language skills to advanced students of English.

This resource is not a boring grammar guide! It covers 101 high frequency grammar points in simple language ideal for self-study. Students will be able to quickly use the information. More hands will go up when you ask: "Have you ever heard of tag questions?" or "Can anyone tell me when to use the present perfect tense?" And this means less time with explanations and more time with interesting and relevant activities that get students using the language.

You will be able to:

  • Print out any worksheet for a class or send the worksheet via email. Flexibility with your students is key, whether you teach online or face to face.
  • Use the resource with any textbook or any worksheet in any lesson. All of the content seamlessly fits with all textbooks and printables.
  • Break each grammar point into an easily digestible chunk. The step-by-step process lets students focus on the grammar one aspect at a time.
  • Provide easy-to-understand explanations ideal for self-study. Confusing explanations won't get in the way of the grammar point.
  • Familiarize students with only the most important aspects of grammar. Extra rules and exceptions get in the way of initial comprehension, and inhibit actual use of the language.
  • Work with high-frequency vocabulary for general or business purposes so students can connect and immediately use the language both inside class and out.

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Here's what you'll find in this unique resource

When you purchase 101 Pre-Lesson Grammar Worksheets, you receive more than 250 pages of explanations, practice exercises, and answers. Each worksheet will let your lessons move forward with confidence. What's more, the contents are available as one single ebook AND as individual pdfs which you can give to students in class or by email.

You'll immediately receive the following:


101 Pre-Lesson Grammar Worksheets for General English

Cover the right language and examples in this mega-resource for students who need general language skills. It's ideal for high school and university students, students who need English for travel, or students who want to improve their overall language ability.
* * Value: $14.95


101 Pre-Lesson Grammar Worksheets for Business English

Or grab materials for students who need English for business. No need to give business professionals content written for high school students. All of the language and examples are immediately applicable to the professionals of the business world.
* * Value: $14.95

Let's take an even closer look at the grammar explanations and exercises:

  1. be verbs (statements)
  2. be verbs (closed questions)
  3. be verbs (open questions)
  4. possessives
  5. simple present tense (statements)
  6. simple present tense (questions)
  7. a, an, and the
  8. adverbs of frequency with the simple present tense
  9. prepositions of time
  10. prepositions of place
  11. countable and uncountable nouns
  12. some and any
  13. there is and there are
  14. this, that, these, and those (determiners)
  15. simple past tense (be verbs)
  16. simple past tense (statements)
  17. simple past tense (questions)
  18. simple past tense (irregular verbs)
  19. object pronouns
  20. adjectives
  21. comparative adjectives
  22. superlative adjectives
  23. so, very, too, and enough (intensifiers)
  24. adverbs of manner
  25. comment adverbs
  26. see, watch, and look
  27. so, too, either, and neither in responses
  28. present progressive tense
  29. will (statements)
  30. will (questions)
  31. be going to
  32. present progressive tense for future plans
  33. can
  34. have to and must
  35. could and should for advice and suggestions
  36. had better
  37. ought to
  38. a lot, a few, many, and much (quantifiers)
  39. any, some, and no (compound nouns)
  40. present perfect tense (experiences)
  41. ever and never with the present perfect tense
  42. already, before, and yet with the present perfect tense
  43. for and since with the present perfect tense
  44. present perfect progressive tense
  45. imperative mood
  46. past progressive tense
  47. when and while with the past progressive tense
  48. used to
  49. because and so (conjunctions)
  50. before and after (time clauses)
  51. passive voice (statements)
  52. passive voice (questions)
  53. that / which relative clauses as the subjects of sentences
  54. that / which relative clauses as the objects of sentences
  55. who, where, and when relative clauses as the subjects of sentences
  56. who, where, and when relative clauses as the objects of sentences
  57. prepositions in relative clauses
  58. reduced relative clauses
  59. would rather (preferences)
  60. negative closed questions
  61. future in the past
  62. tag questions
  63. gerunds and infinitives
  64. gerunds and gerund phrases as the subjects of sentences
  65. gerunds after prepositions
  66. clauses of purpose
  67. quantifiers with countable and uncountable nouns
  68. quantifiers for general and specific things
  69. comparisons with as ... as for adjectives
  70. comparisons with as ... as for adverbs
  71. -ed and -ing adjectives
  72. analogies with like
  73. passive causative
  74. active causative
  75. past perfect tense
  76. past perfect progressive tense
  77. embedded questions (statements)
  78. embedded questions (questions)
  79. reported speech (statements)
  80. reported speech (questions)
  81. imperative mood with reported speech
  82. type zero conditionals
  83. first conditionals
  84. second conditionals
  85. third conditionals
  86. inverted conditionals
  87. modal verbs for the present and future
  88. modal verbs for the past
  89. modal verbs with conditionals
  90. non-defining relative clauses as the subjects of sentences
  91. non-defining relative clauses as the objects of sentences
  92. future perfect tense
  93. future perfect progressive tense
  94. future progressive tense
  95. mixed past conditionals
  96. mixed present conditionals
  97. mixed future conditionals
  98. wh- cleft sentences
  99. all and th- cleft sentences
  100. present subjunctive mood
  101. past subjunctive mood

Let's not forget bonus items

These additional tools have been designed as integral supplements to 101 Pre-Lesson Grammar Worksheets. These bonus resources will give you and your students the confidence needed to succeed.

You be able to access and use:


Grammar Quiz

Start with an assessment to identify which structures your students definitely know, which structures they likely know, and which structures they have yet to learn. The quiz contain sixty questions, a writing portion, and recommended study points, so you know exactly where to start.
* * Value: $9.95


Grammar Assessment and Study Guide

Provide feedback to your students before and after the course with this easy-to-use worksheet. Students also know which grammar structures they have mastered and which structures need their attention. Plus they can record the dates of study and review.
* * Value: $4.95


Enrollment in the Elite Teacher Newsletter

Lastly, keep learning! With your purchase of 101 Pre-Lesson Grammar Worksheets, you'll also enjoy lifetime enrollment in the Elite Teacher Newsletter! Every ten days, you'll receive tips, ideas, activities, and fresh resources direct to your email account to become an elite teacher.
* * Value: unlimited!

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A special note from Chris Cotter, developer of 101 Pre-Lesson Grammar Worksheets

Hello! I'm Chris Cotter, the person beyond 101 Pre-Lesson Grammar Worksheets. Like you, I'm a teacher who knows just how challenging and rewarding it is to see your students succeed. It's demanding work, but I love it! That's why I developed these worksheets.

I started teaching in 1997, just after university. Through a lot of hard work, trial and error, reading, and studying, the students in my courses are all thriving. Over the years, I've learned a lot about getting students to correctly and quickly use new language. 101 Pre-Lesson Worksheets is one key means that get my students thriving in their English studies.

I developed these worksheets for more than a year. I conducted research, wrote the content, tested the content, and then rewrote anything that didn't work as planned. These worksheets are the only grammar resource that I know of which gets students ready before class. I'm so excited for you to try it!

I'm so absolutely sure that 101 Pre-Lesson Grammar Worksheets will help your students that I'm offering an unconditional, NO-question-asked 30-day money back guarantee.

If for whatever reason 101 Pre-Lesson Grammar Worksheets does not satisfy you in any way, simply send us an email within 30 days from your purchase and I'll refund you right away!

So, if for any reason you're not happy, you can get your money back within 30 days. Simply contact me. No quibbles. No questions. I will always refund our money. Give it a try...

You have nothing to lose!

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Buy this unique grammar resource for more efficient lessons. Get your students using the language correctly. Spend more time on fun activities.

Great lessons are just a download away!
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More Testimonials


101 Pre-Lesson Grammar Worksheets is a great resource for both ESL teachers and students. Not only are the grammar explanations easy for students to understand, but they can also help teachers in their grammar presentations. For example, if there is a grammar point I'm a little unclear on, I can refer to the explanations to help bolster my knowledge. I highly recommend this book to anyone studying or teaching in the ESL industry.

The Grammar Comprehension Quiz is also an effective way to diagnose the gaps in student knowledge before a course, enabling me to tailor the grammar focus to meet the needs of my students.

Mike Koslowski


I found 101 Pre-Lesson Grammar Worksheets very helpful. First, the book consists of important grammar points from easy to difficult. I can review easier grammar and also practice by myself. It contains a lot of examples too, so it's easy to understand. And it catches mistakes I often make, which has been very helpful so far. By reviewing some points repeatedly, I can become a better speaker of English.

Mutsuko Sato

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