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Lower-Intermediate Skill Builders: Grammar

Grammar strictly refers to the construction of sentences. But sentences work together to form conversation, complete with questions, answers, added information, and so on. For grammar in the ESL/EFL classroom to carry any real meaning, we must also consider the meaning of the sentence and how it ties together with other parts of the written and/or spoken language.

When teaching or explaining grammar in the classroom, consider the following:

  • Keep explanations simple and brief.
  • Provide charts and diagrams whenever possible to highlight the information.
  • Provide simple examples at first, then seek to use those examples with other sentences or mini-dialogues, which will provide greater clarity of context.
  • Don't worry about exceptions to the rules so much. English is not science. It has evolved, and will continue to do so, which results in a lot of inconsistencies of language.

In short, produce speakers of the English, not grammarians!

And here are some additional resources for your ESL needs:



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