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Lower-Intermediate Skill Builders: Listening

The below topics for lower-intermediate students come with a series of exercises to improve listening. There are discussion questions to activate pre-existing knowledge on the topic, which give students a sense of the topic. There are opportunities to listen for general information and specific key points, too. Each monologue comes with a script of 300-400 words, or about three to four minutes of spoken text.

As with other materials at Heads Up English, the listening activities here are flexible enough to easily integrate into most any lower-intermediate classroom. The materials may be used over several class sessions, perhaps discussing the topic as a warm-up activity, reading the article as homework, and listening and debating in the classroom. The reverse is possible, too, with students listening as homework to prepare for the next class session. The material may even be integrated with other printables at Heads Up English to form a topic covering several weeks.

In addition to the resources for Lower-Intermediates, you may also want to look through the additional materials for other ability levels.

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