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Hi, Chris...

I'm a new English teacher. It's very usefull. Thank you so much.
Hi Chris!I am very happy that I eventually found a website,where I can practise my English. Your newsletter is very interesting, informative and encourage sall teachers of a world to improve their students' and their own English. Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely

Posted By: gulzat
Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek
Hi Chris,

I found Heads Up English about six months ago, and it has become my go-to source of material for many of my lessons. I just wanted to say "thank you" for all of the content, and keep up the good work!

Tom White
Posted By: Tom White
Heads Up English is simply the best resource on the web for English teachers and (I'm sure) students alike. I have used much of the material here for nigh on ten years and it has yet to let me down.

3 cheers then for Chris Cotter and his fantastic site. Long may it continue!
Posted By: James Grey
English Teacher, Prague, Czech Republic
Thank you for the 101 Pre-Lesson Grammar Worksheets! We don't use a textbook at my school, so these worksheets are exactly what I need for my classes to get a good foundation in grammar. Keep up the good work!
Posted By: Thomas Rob
Thank you so much for putting together "101 Pre-Lesson Grammar Worksheets." My students really love the material, and so do I. The explanations are easy to understand, and my students feel more confident. Thank you!
Posted By: Jaime Bravo
Wow!! Better Language Teaching is really awesome! Thank you for all of the help, and I'm really excited to put everything into action.
Posted By: Isabel
Costa Rica

Better Language Teaching has been a huge resource for me and my students. Thank you so much for all of the great ideas. They have made my classes much easier to teach! And the students enjoy the lessons so much more!!

Posted By: Steve Neufeld
Chris , The materials are quite useful because it comes as a complete lesson with some relaxing activities but they are fun and useful. Selva-China
Posted By: Selvadurai @ Selva
ESL Teacher, China
Hello Chris,

I am so thankful to your lessons. They are very helpful in my speaking classes with Japanese students. Your materials are practical and useful!
Posted By: Jay
ESL Teacher, Philippines
Hi Chris

Thanks for always helpful tips & suggestions you send; the 'Conversations in the Classroom' is particularly useful right now, and great for ideas for all levels.
Posted By: Kate
Hello Chris, once again I'm very thankful for your e-mail and hope to receive more material.
Posted By: Dinis Malungo
I'm an english teacher in Angola, Angola
Dear Chris: Your website is fully enriched with useful materials and teachings. Your materials, tactics, methodology have been very productive to me and my professional career. I would be glad if you put more conversational materials. Thank you very much for your generosity and thoughtfulness.

Jawid Rahimi
Afghanistan, Herat.
Posted By: Jawid Rahimi
English Langauge Teacher for 16 years., Afghanistan, Herat

I'm an English teacher and I've read what you sent me and I liked it very much.
Posted By: Mohsen
English teacher, مصر
Hi! Thank you I'm a student but I study English professionally. Your site improves my English.
Posted By: Motahareh
Thank you very much! It is really very useful and interesting!
Posted By: Marina
English teacher, Russsia, Saara
Hi Chris

Thank you for inspiring teachers, both young and old, to become better teachers. I've tried your ideas and they do work well in the classroom.
Posted By: Ann Selva
ESL teacher, Perth, Australia
An excellent website with well organized resources and lesson plans. Thanks for such useful information
Posted By: Shradha
Hello, I'm Asella.
I'm planning to teach my students your materials in class.
Thank you for your useful e-mails.
Have a nice day!
Posted By: asella
Republic of Korea
Thank you for such interesting and useful site. You are doing a great job!
Posted By: svetlana
teacher of English, Ukraine

Heads Up English really helps me alot I'm always in full speed in coming to class because I always have something new to share to my students.

God Bless…

Thank you very much…

Posted By: Anne
im an english teacher, China
Hello, thanks about your all of them. They are really nice.
Posted By: Motahareh
Thank you so much for your mails
Posted By: Nguyen Thanh Huyen
teacher, An Nhon No3 High School- Binh Dinh - Vietnam
Hello Chris!
Thank you very much! I am sure I'm going to be satisfied.
Best regards from Morocco
Yours sincerely,
Posted By: RAMADAN Haddad
Thanks. Great resource for those who are ESL teachers and need to motivate students.
Posted By: Mag Fornari
Mr. Chris tips is very contemporary. If anybody follows such type of tips continuously I think whoever will be able to skill in English language. Thanks a lot.
Posted By: Ziaur Rahman
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Thank you so much for the advice. "Better Language Teaching" has been a huge help for me and my students.
Posted By: Lester Skinner

Just wanted to tell you about a great experience I had with my class. I used the ideas from the chapter on groups and all of my students could practice and have fun. Thank you!
Posted By: Cheryl Burns

Last week I taught a business class and was really impressed with the changes. The students were more talkative and it was an awesome experience! It was the best class I've had so far, and it was because of your emails and Better Language Teaching. Thank you!
Posted By: Steve Andrews
Better Language Teaching is a very thorough resource. I've come back to re-read it again and again. Thank you for putting this together.
Posted By: Kevin Clagin
Hi Chris,

I love everything you prepare for us. I love reading your emails too. It really helps me. Really your action has improved our levels. Thank you!
Posted By: Fahimeh Hosseini
Thanks, Chris. I really wish I had this resource when I started teaching in Korea. My job would have been so much easier.
Posted By: Kelly Goldman
Hello! My name is Ajamu. Just recently recently found your site and book. Very interesting, convenient and useful. Thank you!
Posted By: Ajamu Jordan
Hi dear Chris,

I thank you for your perfect advice and your tips,I am an English teacher for 4 years and I mostly taught teens and very young learners. And also i am writing a research paper about warm up and your mini-course helped me a lot. I appreciate your nice tips. I wanted to be connected to you and send you emails and take your advice directly. I really like being in touch with you.
Again I thank you my dear teacher.
Posted By: Fahime Nikfarjam
Thank you Chris. Thank you for all your good advices and ideas which you share to all teachers. I hope I'll get more meaningful ideas from you.
Posted By: Rin Im
Posted By: Simon Defoe
I needed the book to improve my language, be able to teach and have an excellent teaching skills in the language. It hasn't disappointed! Thank you so much.
Posted By: Malik
Sana'a, Yemen
Hi Chris,

Better Language Teaching is great, and really helpful in my teaching. I do appreciate what you've done for us English teachers!

All the best!
Posted By: Qi Wang
Lanzhou, Gansu, China
I'm glad you put this resource together because my lessons are so much better. I was struggling with how to structure my lessons, and the two chapters on lesson structure were best. But all of the information really showed me my mistakes and weak points, and the advice you give was perfect. Thank you!
Posted By: Alexa Matthews
Hi, Chris, very glad to know your excellent website. I've greatly benefited from it. Thank you.

Shanghai, China
Posted By: Liu Norris
Shanghai China
This is a fantasic and useful tool, thank you for the help provided!
Posted By: Grace Smith
I joined this wonderful English lesson with Heads Up English. It really improves my English language skills. Thank you!

Ajing D Ajing
Posted By: Ajing D Ajing Kuac
South Africa Pretoria
My English teacher offered this site to me. Your site has helped me improve. Thank you!
Posted By: Nuray Elam
This site and materials would be a great help for teachers like me. We always have to strive to improve and i think this site will help me a lot.
Posted By: Teri Balabag

Thank you very much! I am sure I am going to be satisfied...

Best regards from Serbia

Yours sincerely,

Posted By: Vesna Maksimovic
Serbia, Europe
'Better Language Teaching' is very useful to me, as I am currently studying English Education. There have not been many ELT books where I can get practical English teaching tips. I think this book is very useful especially to students who are training to be future English teachers, as public or private high / middle schools in Korea have adopted practical teaching rehearsal as a mandatory test to assess teachers' real teaching skills. But I also believe this books will be valuable source of great tips for current English teachers & other ELT professionals!
Posted By: Sunyoung Cho
Dear Chris,

Thanks for your efforts towards us as teachers first, and also from the students too.

When I teach my class, I always take your advice. Really your action has improved our levels. Thank you!
Posted By: Labiad Sidi Bachir
Dear Chris

Your material is updated and so great, it really helps me teaching my kids more than what other textbooks have to offer. Thanks !!!! And what I love the most is that English for Specific purposes can be easy for students with different levels of English. You are a life saver.
Posted By: Rebeca Araya
Costa Rica
Hi Chris,

Not only is your e-mail newsletter timely and helpful, you go out of your way to answer my e-mails and help me with any electronic downloads I have had. Thank you for ALL your help!
Posted By: Linda Whitelock
Hi Chris...

Your tips are of great help for us. I use them with my teachers since I work as an inspector of English in middle or intermediate schools. They are amazing, helpful and good for our teachers as well as for our kids...

Thank you very much indeed.
Posted By: Mustapha Menar
Oum El Bouaghi, Algeria
Thank you for the great materials. I'm a teacher of English from Indonesia. I've collected all of the materials that you have sent.
Posted By: Vincentius Triwinarto
When I`m going to teach a new theme I think how to teach it but I always remember your ideas. They are helpful and I recommend Better Language Teaching to the higher level students. Listening, reading, and getting your students working in a fun way.
Posted By: Silvia Fink

Thank you for sharing so many ideas in Better Language Teaching. Your wealth of experience, knowledge and passion for this field comes through in every part of the book. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in re-igniting their enthusiasm for ESL teaching, anyone starting out in the field or anyone that wants to better the classroom experience for their students.

Thanks again Chris!
Posted By: Shonah Kennedy
[email protected]
I have found the newsletter very interesting as I have taught in schools in three countries in southern Africa and for the 12 years, prior to settling in the UK, I presented Plain Language in public seminars, and training sessions to government and commerce where there were many delegates for whom English was not their home language. I conducted one-on-one spoken English to business people in South Africa, and to German students and professionals, spending 3 months in Berlin training a couple in business English. At present I am hoping to start training again, so your tips are most useful, Chris.
Posted By: Shirley Robbins
Rusper West Sussex
Thanks Chris for sharing your ideas with us. I love reading your emails and I've used your ideas in my classroom. Both the novice and the experienced teacher will benefit from your hard work.
Posted By: Ann Selvadurai
Perth, Australia
Dear Chris,

Your teaching tips are interesting and useful. I'm sure they can help me in improving the language skills of my students here in Oman. Thanks for providing well-organised and innovative ideas.
Posted By: Deepali Bhatnagar
Sultanate of Oman
I teach an advanced level English class at a public adult school, and my students enjoy all of the activities from the Chris's website, Heads Up English. We often use the news articles, and I love the way the vocabulary is practiced in various ways throughout the lesson, and also the chance to practice all four major skills. I have also used some of the mini-lessons and the skill builders, which are very well done.

Better Language Teaching is filled with helpful insights, too. This is my tenth year teaching English, but I still find inspiration in the materials developed by Chris.

Thank you so much for this amazing service!
Posted By: Rebecca Dharlingue
Castro Valley Adult School, Castro Valley, CA, USA
I'm settling down in Spain and, having taught English in my home country (Malta) for a couple of summers, I found that teaching English is a good job opportunity in this country. So I suddenly found myself a freelance teacher, giving private lessons, mostly one-to-one, and mostly conversation. A few of my one-to-one students are PhD students who need to improve their spoken English, so it's quite challenging to prepare classes for them and having no resources except the internet!

I just wanted to say: Many, many thanks for putting your resources online.
Posted By: Istivan Spiteri
Hi Chris!!

My name is Maritza, I am from Nicaragua and let me tell you that you have given me a lot of ideas how to teach in my classes. Every last Friday of the month teachers in Nicaragua have workshops. I always talk about your materials and I share your ideas with them. Teachers are very grateful because they have put them in practice with their students, and they have learnt a lot about motivation. The activities are very varied and well organized.

I appreciate your time for helping me with your great ideas. Even in my country we don't have materials neither books, and I am trying to do the best for my students.

Thanks a lot!
Posted By: Maritza Perez
I just wanted to send you a quick message to say that your newsletter is excellent. I always make sure I take the two minutes to read it and then it just naturally floats in my head all day, percolating new ideas. Thanks for the great tips!
Posted By: Brent R.
Tokyo, Japan
I love everything you prepare for us; all the material is very useful for me: The excellent step-by-step lesson procedures help me carry out the activities, (although I sometimes change the order of the overall procedures and adapt it to my teaching style). Activities are varied, well organized, balanced and appropriate. They help me to improve my teaching performance. The themes for speaking are very useful for my students.

Thank you very much!!!
Posted By: Magda Zipperlen
Hello, my name is Fatima Lode. I am a teacher here in Italy teaching school as well as business English. Personally I think your material is great. It's very interesting and extremely helpful.

Thank you. You are doing a great job!
Posted By: Fatima Lode
I would like to tell you about the information you send me in the Newsletter.
That´s very pleasant for me, because I have inspiration for my classes. I´m from the Czech Republic and I studied teaching English at the pedagogical University in Brno. We had nice methodology seminars, but that´s ten years ago and I have to say that I can´t remember all the tips and ideas now. So that´s very good for me to be able to read your teaching tips, because many times it reminds me on some other activities that I´ve forgotten. I think I´m quite a creative teacher and I like fresh English lessons, not just full of routine work, grammar and vocabulary structures, but filled with new activities that like not only my pupils but also me.

So, I would like to say thank you for all your tips and ideas, they are very well to use and to modify to other situation, too:-)

Have a nice day!
Posted By: Vanda Habermannová
Czech Republic
I have been using the materials at the intermediate level for over a year. The topics enable great conversations and I notice the students' language improves when they express opinions and emotions. Chris' topics are interesting and topical and relevant to my students. I am very grateful to be able to use lessons prepared by Chris.

My students and I benefit greatly.
Posted By: Mary Kingsbury
Melbourne, Australia
I don't think any words can reward your great ideas, strategies, tactics, techniques. You've paved the way to have stress-free classes that can practice real life situations and process the language naturally.
Posted By: Bosbos
Every week I await your email with the newsletter and tips for teaching. In the year I have been subscribed to your newsletter, I have found your advice and tips for teaching invaluable for my development as a newly qualified teacher.
Posted By: Suzanne Barlow
Hi Chris,

I'd like to say that your website is extremely useful. I particularly like 'Better Language Teaching' and recommend this and the website as a whole to my CELTA trainees because sound teaching ideas are presented. These are not only useful to new teachers, but also to those who are experienced.
Posted By: Richard Chinn
Brasshouse Language Centre, UK
This is a fantastic resource for new and experienced teachers alike. Chris takes you through lesson planning stage by stage in his unique style. He gets you to stop and think about what you want to achieve in a lesson; and shows you how you can most effectively involve your students in that objective. He provides adaptable activities for each stage (and all levels), to help reinforce your objective. This e-book has become my bible.
Posted By: Skye Forest
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