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Upper-Intermediate Skill Builders: Grammar

Grammar strictly refers to the construction of sentences, and an understanding of grammar proves essential because students can then break apart difficult sentences to gain comprehension. Yet any grammar that is taught should also incorporate practice opportunities so that students understand how to use the new target language. How and when should it be used? How and when does it connect with other parts of written and spoken English?

When teaching or explaining grammar, consider the following:

  • Keep grammar explanations simple and brief. Focus more on the pattern so students can clearly see the new language.
  • Provide simple examples at first, then seek to use those examples with other sentences or mini-dialogues. This provides clarity of context.
  • Don't worry about exceptions to the grammar rules so much. English is not a science. It has evolved, and will continue to do so, which results in a lot of inconsistencies in the language.

And here are some additional resources for your ESL needs:



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