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Advanced Skill Builders: Speaking

Each of the below speaking topics has twenty questions for the class to discuss, debate, or even write about as homework. Choose some of the questions as a warm up, or even all of the questions as a final speaking activity to round out a lesson. Here are some other ideas you may like:

1: Students spend several minutes speaking about one question in pairs. Students next switch pairs and report on the previous conversation, whether they agree or disagree with their first partner's opinions, and why. Students may offer additional information in the second conversation too.

2: Pair up everyone to discuss three or four of the questions with similar talking points. Allot several minutes per question. Consider this the initial, practice stage where the class hones ideas. At the end of the conversation, bring students together into groups. Discuss only one of the questions for five minutes this time. This will allow students to reuse their ideas with better fluency and accuracy.

3: Distribute the questions to the students, and place everyone in pairs or groups. They discuss only the questions of interest, speaking only as long as they want before moving onto another question.

4: As a pre-step to debate, students speak for several questions in pairs or groups. Next face the students off against one another for short rounds of debate. The initial conversations will help them prepare their ideas for the debate.

For more information and ideas on speaking, take a look at the links below.



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